Peter A. C. Lim

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OBJECTIVE To investigate gait outcomes with supported treadmill ambulation training (STAT) associated with regular rehabilitation in acute stroke survivors. DESIGN Randomized controlled trial, pilot study. SETTING Rehabilitation medicine service at a Veterans Affairs medical center. PARTICIPANTS Seven acute stroke survivors assigned to regular(More)
OBJECTIVE Qualitative measures may not differentiate severity of deficits after an acute or subacute stroke. The aim of this study was to contrast the utility of performance-based gait tests with qualitative measures in a sample of acute stroke patients. DESIGN Twenty acute stroke subjects had their performance-based gait measured by gait speed, walking(More)
INTRODUCTION Cancer is the leading cause of death and the second most common cause of hospitalisation in Singapore. Significant functional gains are achievable with cancer rehabilitation yet there are no formal cancer rehabilitation programmes in Singapore. This study aims to describe the demographics, clinical characteristics, complications and functional(More)
INTRODUCTION Spinal cord injury (SCI) often results in significant neurologic dysfunction and disability. An annual incidence of 15 to 40 traumatic SCI cases per million population has been reported worldwide, and a conservative estimate for Singapore would be 23 cases per million. With continued improvements in medical care, an increasing prevalence of SCI(More)
INTRODUCTION Rehabilitation improves functional outcomes, but there is little data on the profiles and outcomes of patients undergoing inpatient rehabilitation in Singapore. The aims of this paper were to document the clinical characteristics and functional outcomes, using the Functional Independence Measure (FIM), of all patients admitted to an inpatient(More)
Specific lots of Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed, administered to members of the US Armed Forces, have been described on various Internet sites and in news articles as a source of squalene, a chemical purported by these media to be associated with the Gulf War Syndrome. We have developed and validated a method using high-performance liquid chromatography with(More)
INTRODUCTION The objectives of this study are to describe the demographics, clinical characteristics, complications and functional outcomes in patients with Guillain-Barr é syndrome (GBS) or the Miller-Fisher syndrome (MFS) variant admitted to our institution. We also aim to identify prognostic outcome indicators. MATERIALS AND METHODS A retrospective(More)
To address widespread concerns regarding the medical condition of testosterone (T) deficiency (TD) (male hypogonadism) and its treatment with T therapy, an international expert consensus conference was convened in Prague, Czech Republic, on October 1, 2015. Experts included a broad range of medical specialties including urology, endocrinology, diabetology,(More)
Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is a new respiratory viral epidemic that originated in China but has affected many parts of the world, with devastating impact on economies and the practice of medicine and rehabilitation. A novel coronavirus has been implicated, with transmission through respiratory droplets. Rehabilitation was significantly(More)
Case History The subject is a 26-year-old female with no past medical history, who was admitted for seizures and concurrent febrile illness. A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain was unremarkable, and cerebrospinal fluid cultures were negative. She was treated for presumed viral encephalitis, which was complicated by status epilepticus. She was(More)