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At the Centre for Computational Linguistics, we are designing and implementing an English-to-Japanese interactive machine translation system. Tile project is funded jointly by the Alvey Directorate and International Computers Limited (ICL). 'Pile prototype system runs on the ICL PERQ, though much of the development work has been done on a VAX ]]./750. It is(More)
This paper describes the Sharp Intelligent Dictionary (SID), an English-Japanese glossing system for Japanese readers and learners of English. SID uses a variety of lightweight analysis techniques, a large bilingual dictionary and a prioritised model of collocations to present informed guesses about the best translations of words and expressions in their(More)
The translation quality of current machine translation systems is limited by restriction to syntactic and semantic factors. A wider range of factors, including pragmatic and discourse factors, needs to be extracted from the source text and transferred to the target text. However, correct generation of the target text often requires factors which are not(More)