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The fabrication of a human head phantom for the use in microwave systems designed for head imaging is presented. Since most of the ongoing research activities on microwave imaging of human head use the band from 1 GHz to 4 GHz, the fabricated phantom is designed to emulate the electrical properties of human brain tissues across that band. A material that(More)
Title of Document: GRAZING AS A MANAGEMENT TOOL FOR CONTROLLING PHRAGMITES AUSTRALIS AND RESTORING NATIVE PLANT BIODIVERSITY IN WETLANDS Jennifer Brundage, Master of Science, 2010 Directed By: Dr. Andrew Baldwin, Department of Environmental Science and Technology This study examined the feasibility of grazing as a sustainable and low-impact means of(More)
This paper presents the findings of a systematic review of guidelines on preventing heat illness in sports participants and officials. University library databases and Internet sources were searched for guidelines pertaining to community-based sports, and occupational health and safety, using a comprehensive list of search terms. Guidelines were included if(More)
BACKGROUND There is scant guidance in the literature on the most appropriate Australian measures of, and thresholds for, extreme heat regarding giving advice on safe sports participation in hot weather. The purpose of this paper is to present a process for investigating two common measures of heat (air temperature, wet bulb globe temperature (WGBT)) in one(More)
Large benefits to manufactures—on the order of 3-5% of the total energy bill—can be realized through optimization of the utility plant operation, improving the economic performance of these cost centers [1]. As new limits on CO and NOx emissions go into effect in the US, major manufacturing companies are looking for ways to meet those constraints at the(More)
A Strategic Research project was performed at NPL with the aim of investigating issues and potential improvements for light-ion dosimetry. The objectives of the project were: a literature survey, testing a number of dosimeters in the proton therapy beam of Clatterbridge Centre of Oncology (CCO), measurement of dose distributions, measurement and calculation(More)
Doppler-difference (dual-beam or real-fringe) laser anemometers have been intensively developed in recent years and have found very broad application in fluid-dynamical research. Time-of-flight (dual-focus or two-spot) anemometers have also come into widespread use, particularly for the measurement of gas flows in rotating machinery. Here optical access to(More)
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