Pete Richardson

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This study was prepared in the Economics Department as a contribution to the Organisation-wide study of the economic consequences of population ageing. It presents a number of long-term scenarios illustrating the likely domestic and international macroeconomic effects of ageing across the OECD and policies which might ameliorate or reverse underlying(More)
92986 Document complet disponible sur OLIS dans son format d'origine Complete document available on OLIS in its original format ECO/WKP(2000)23 2 ABSTRACT/RÉSUMÉ The structural rate of unemployment and associated non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment (the NAIRU) are of major importance to the analysis of macro and structural economic developments,(More)
/RÉSUMÉ This paper examines the likely influence of recent stock market fluctuations on major OECD economies, focusing on wealth effects and consumption. After reviewing the relevant theoretical framework and available empirical evidence, consumption functions are estimated for the US including the influence of financial wealth. The resulting estimates of(More)
It was no accident that Warren Harvey's paper on 'Tooth temperature with reference to dental pain while flying' was published during the Second World War, as Harvey was given the opportunity to investigate this subject after aircrew reported dental problems during flight. Group Captain Peter Richardson of the RAF Institute of Dental Health and Training(More)
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