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Marine mammals conform to the general mammalian reproductive system centered on the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis. Most marine mammals are long-lived and of large body size with lesser reproductive rates than many other animals, a consequence of their interaction with the marine environment where the demands of acquiring resources from the ocean must(More)
Compact fluorescent emergency luminaires present unique challenges. Not only must the emergency gear and ballast be crammed into small confines of the luminaire but there is the additional problem of excessive temperature to deal with. This paper describes the design of an optimal electronic ballast/emergency control unit specifically aimed at the South(More)
The author regrets the following errors in the paper above: Table 2 was previously published in “Todd R. Robeck, Shannon K.C. Atkinson, and Fiona Brook (2001) ‘Reproduction’, in CRC Handbook of Marine Mammal Medicine Health, Disease, and Rehabilitation, Edited by Leslie A. Dierauf and Frances M.D. Gulland: CRC Press, pp. 193–236” and is reproduced with(More)
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