Pete Pin

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Grip and pinch strength testing are commonly used to evaluate hand strength for disability ratings and to assess responses to various forms of therapy. This study determined the variations in grip and pinch strength in normal individuals. Ninety-five healthy subjects--61 women and 34 men--were examined prospectively by use of a Jamar dynamometer and a(More)
  • Sophal Ear, John La, Linda Tauch, Pete Pin, Vannarith Chheang, Sopheary Ou +1 other
  • 2009
What happens when a developing country with poor health infrastructure and even poorer animal health surveillance is thought to be a potential source for the next emerging infectious disease? This is the story of Cambodia and Avian Influenza. This paper undertakes a review of the relevant literature and analyzes the results of detailed semi-structured(More)
An experimental model has been developed to measure the effect of retrobulbar hematomas on functional vision in cynomolgus monkeys. In this model, functional vision was quantitated using flashed evoked visual potentials in five monkeys following creation of retrobulbar hematomas. In one monkey used as a control, functional vision remained impaired for 180(More)
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