Pete Peterson

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The Survey2000 Project is the largest and most comprehensive Internet-based social science survey to date. Along with generating interesting data about geographic mobility, feelings of community, and culinary, literary and musical tastes, the experience of operating a survey with Internet tools has set into sharp relief important methodological issues of(More)
Twelve adults with mitochondrial myopathies were studied by phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopy of muscle. All 12 had abnormal 31P-NMR findings; recovery from exercise was abnormal in 11 patients. At rest, the ratio of phosphocreatine to inorganic phosphate was reduced in 10. Exercise transfer characteristics were abnormal in all five patients who(More)
The major conclusions of this position article are as follows: (1) In the absence of a history of a bleeding disorder, the bleeding time is not a useful predictor of the risk of hemorrhage associated with surgical procedures. (2) A normal bleeding time does not exclude the possibility of excessive hemorrhage associated with invasive procedures. (3) The(More)
Infant botulism causes acute bulbar dysfunction, weakness, and respiratory failure in infants living in endemic regions of the United States. Until Food and Drug Administration approval of botulism immune globulin (BIG) in October 2003, management of infant botulism had changed little since the 1970s. Currently, IV therapy with BIG is advised to shorten the(More)
for their insights and assistance in producing this report. The authors thank the Pew Environment Group for financial support for this project and the three peer reviewers, whose comments helped to improve the manuscript. We appreciate the many helpful discussions that we each had with interested colleagues. Acknowledgments The views expressed are those of(More)
A knowledge of the masses of subatomic nuclei forms a crucial founda6on for research in basic and applied nuclear science, as well as in astrophysics. New accelerator facili6es and new detec6on systems have enabled researchers around the world to make more, and much more precise, nuclear mass measurements. In late 2012, a new Atomic Mass Evalua6on was(More)
Fluid flows play a dominant role in many processes that are important to mankind, such as weather, climate, industrial process, cooling, heating, etc. Scientific understanding of fluid flows has increased since the introduction of High Performance Computing (HPC) and the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations. Important tools to aid in the(More)
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