Pete Nielsen

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— We develop a framework for closed-loop detection and tracking of targets. The framework is based on a Bayesian representation that assigns probabilities to potential realizations of the radar channel. In this case, different realizations are characterized by different number and locations of targets present. The Bayesian channel representation can then be(More)
Rats in which near-total inhibition of the nitric oxide synthesizing enzyme (NOS) had been obtained by a 5-day pretreatment during which two daily injections of L-nitro-arginine (50 mg/kg per injection) had been administered were subjected to five sessions of training on a place learning task (one session per day). NOS inhibition was associated with(More)
RFX has been recently modified to improve its capability of controlling different MHD phenomena by means of fast, feedback controlled amplifiers and distributed radial field inductors. The paper, after summarizing the principal results obtained in the past by means of active control of magnetic fields in RFX, describes the recent modifications to the(More)
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