Pete Mirabito

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The Aspergillus nidulans bimA gene is required for mitosis. Loss of function mutations in bimA cause cells to arrest growth with condensed chromatin and a short, metaphaselike mitotic spindle. bimA is a member of a gene family defined by a repeated motif called the Tetratrico Peptide Repeat (TPR), which is found in genes from bacteria, yeast and insects.(More)
The identification and annotation of protein-coding genes is one of the primary goals of whole-genome sequencing projects, and the accuracy of predicting the primary protein products of gene expression is vital to the interpretation of the available data and the design of downstream functional applications. Nevertheless, the comprehensive annotation of(More)
Aspergillus nidulans brlA, abaA, and wetA form a dependent pathway that regulates asexual reproductive development. The order in which these genes are expressed determines the outcome of development. Expression of brlA in vegetative cells leads to activation of abaA and wetA, cessation of vegetative growth, cellular vacuolization, and spore formation. By(More)
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