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The adverse effects profile of levetiracetam in epilepsy is still being fully described. We recently published a Cochrane Review evaluating the effectiveness of levetiracetam, added on to usual care, in treating drug-resistant focal epilepsy. The five most common adverse effects were reported and analysed with no scope for reporting any less common adverse(More)
BACKGROUND Epilepsy is an important neurological condition and drug resistance in epilepsy is particularly common in individuals with focal seizures. In this review, we summarise the current evidence regarding a new antiepileptic drug, levetiracetam, when used as add-on treatment for controlling drug-resistant focal epilepsy. This is an update to a Cochrane(More)
RATIONALE Driving performance is easily disrupted as a direct consequence of the use of alcohol, licit and illicit drugs. The use of such drugs has a high degree of correlation with increased accident risk. Europe wide research projects into drugged driving have called for the development of a portable objective device capable of screening those impaired(More)
A brief report is made on the case study of early user involvement in the Product Creation Process (PCP) of a user interface for a consumer electronics product at Philips. In this approach we tried m train mJ users to become “expert users”. The method comprised of a condensed product creation process and combined several creative methods in a serkx of(More)
BACKGROUND Demands are increasingly being made for clinical trialists to actively share individual participant data (IPD) collected from clinical trials using responsible methods that protect the confidentiality and privacy of clinical trial participants. Clinical trialists, particularly those receiving public funding, are often concerned about the(More)
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