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The adverse effects profile of levetiracetam in epilepsy is still being fully described. We recently published a Cochrane Review evaluating the effectiveness of levetiracetam, added on to usual care, in treating drug-resistant focal epilepsy. The five most common adverse effects were reported and analysed with no scope for reporting any less common adverse(More)
A brief report is made on the case study of early user involvement in the Product Creation Process (PCP) of a user interface for a consumer electronics product at Philips. In this approach we tried m train mJ users to become " expert users ". The method comprised of a condensed product creation process and combined several creative methods in a serkx of(More)
STUDY QUESTION Are mutations in NLRP2/7 (NACHT, LRR and PYD domains-containing protein 2/7) or KHDC3L (KH Domain Containing 3 Like) associated with recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) or infertility? SUMMARY ANSWER We found no evidence for mutations in NLRP2/7 or KHDC3L in unexplained RPL or infertility. WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY Mutations in NLRP7 and KHDC3L(More)
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