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Digital identities and profiles are precious assets. On one hand they enable users to engage in transactions and interactions on the Internet. On the other hand, abuses and leakages of this information could violate the privacy of their owners, sometimes with serious consequences. Nowadays, most of the people have limited understanding of security and(More)
The management of private and confidential information is a major problem for dynamic organizations. Secure solutions are needed to exchange confidential documents, protect them against unauthorised accesses and cope with changes of people's roles and permissions. Traditional cryptographic systems and PKI show their limitations, in terms of flexibility and(More)
European data protection regulation states that organisations must have data subjects' consent to use their personally identifiable information (PII) for a variety of purposes. Solutions have been proposed which generally handle consent in a coarse-grained way, by means of opt in/out choices. However, we believe that consent's representation should be(More)
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