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Seedling development in Hanseniella, Hydrobryum and Thawatchaia (Podostemaceae), and implications on body plan evolution in the Hydrobryum clade
An evolutionary scenario is postulate in which the plumule was lost at the divergence of the Hydrobryum clade from the Cladopus clade, much later than the radicle was lost in the clade of Podostemoideae and Weddellinoideae from Tristichoideae. Expand
New Species and New Records of Podostemaceae from Phitsanulok Province, Northern Thailand
Podostemaceae comprise a unique aquatic family of submerged angiosperms in open, sunny habitats in torrential water of tropical and subtropical rivers in seasonal climates, and attached to rocks orExpand
Additions to the Podostemaceae of Thailand with Molecular Phylogenetic Relationships of Cladopus, Hydrobryum and Thawatchaia
Recent taxonomic studies have revealed high diversity of Podostemaceae in Thailand, where there are 10 genera and 49 species (Kato 2004, 2006a, Kato & Koi 2009, Werukamkul et al. 2012, 2016). InExpand
Paraphyletic Species of Podostemaceae: Cladopus fallax and Polypleurum wallichii
Molecular and morphological data indicate that P. wallichii is conspecific with P. stylosum (Wight) J.B.Hall, so the redefined P. buildingeri is interpreted that the daughter species markedly differentiated morph from a population of the mother species, and perhaps paraphyletic speciation is associated with allopatric speciation. Expand
Taxonomy and distribution of the plant family Podostemaceae in Phitsanulok and Phetchabun provinces, Thailand
Five genera and 10 species occur in Phitsanulok and Phetchabun provinces and among the species found, Hy. Expand
Design and development of computer assisted instruction from principle of biology course on topic of “Cell division”
The design and development of a Computer Ass Instruction program for a Principles of Biology course on the topic of cell division found that learning achievement scores for the Multimedia Computer Program after Computer Ass instruction were significantly higher than before at the 0.05 level. Expand
Life on the Rocks: First Insights Into the Microbiota of the Threatened Aquatic Rheophyte Hanseniella heterophylla
It is concluded that aquatic plant microbiota are sensitive to anthropogenic disturbance and the potential use of this plant as biological indicators in remediation or treatment of such disturbed ecosystems is unraveled. Expand
Species diversity and reproductive phenology of Podostemaceae in Na Hahaeo District, Loei Province, Northeastern Thailand.
The species composition of Podostemaceae was studied in Loei, northeastern Thailand from November 2009 to July 2010 by extensive surveying in the rapids and waterfalls inside and outside of nationalExpand