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We investigated the in vivo effects of acetylsalicylic acid, diclofenac, indomethacin, ibuprofen, and ketoprofen on the concentrations of various blood constituents. Total protein, glucose, calcium, and inorganic phosphate were not significantly affected by any of these drugs. Ketoprofen had no definite influence on any constituent. Acetylsalicylic acid(More)
BACKGROUND Cervical dilation using mechanical dilators is associated with various complications, such as uterine perforation, cervical laceration, infections and intraperitoneal hemorrhage. To achieve safe and painless cervical dilation, we constructed a new medical device to achieve confident mechanical cervical dilation: a continuous controllable balloon(More)
Original scientific paper Fixtures which balance cutting forces and torques by the friction forces generated on contact surfaces of locating, clamping elements and workpiece surfaces are widespread in industrial practice. Among other things, these friction contacts are characterized by a certain amount of interface compliance which is a complex function of(More)
The authors present a 35-year-old male patient with renovascular hypertension caused by the stenosis of both renal arteries of the right kidney. Two years after the diagnosis of hypertension was made, an endarterectomy was performed but a successful correction of the upper stenotic artery was not achieved. During the next 2 years the hypertensive disease(More)
Continuous and objective measurement of the user attention state still represents a major challenge in the ergonomics research. Recently available wearable electroencephalography (EEG) opens new opportunities for objective and continuous evaluation of operators' attention, which may provide a new paradigm in ergonomics. In this study, wearable EEG was(More)
Concentration of immune complexes (IC) in the serum of patients with various diseases (glomerulonephritis systemic lupus erythematosus--SLE, rheumatoid arthritis--RA and with positive antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus--HIV+) has been determined using two methods: PEG precipitation and laser nephelometry (NL) of binding to Latex = C1 12q complement(More)
The examinations of 30 blood samples each preserved with three Yugoslav different ACD-solutions were performed. The blood samples were stored at 2-6 degrees C and examinations were performed at the day of blood donation and after on the 7th, 14th and 21st day during the storage. Differences in hematocrit (well known dilution effect of the ACD-solutions(More)
gently needed are broader applications of bibliometric surveys on impending professional problems faced by clinical chemists. Radical changes in cost containment are spreading throughout, and clinical laboratories will feel the impact of striking a balance between tighter budgets and professionalism. Better statistics are needed so that valid evaluations of(More)