Petar Petrov

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For successful preservation operations, a preservation system needs to be capable of monitoring compliance of preservation operations to specifications, alignment of these operations with the organisation's preservation objectives, and associated risks and opportunities. This requires linking a number of diverse information sources and specifying complex(More)
Successful preservation of content requires sophisticated mechanisms for collecting, tracking and analyzing information about a multitude of relevant aspects. This is not limited to content itself, but also tracking of available software, other organization's content, usage statistics and trends, format risks, systems operations and many more. Such tracking(More)
Disclaimer This report provides an overview about the research on Digital Preservation of initiatives co-funded by the European Commission in the ICT programme. A subject as complex as the topic research can be seen from many points of view. In order to open new perspectives, we tried to give structured summaries of the activities from different angles. The(More)
This paper describes the modeling of a two-vehicle convoy and the design of a vehicle following controller that tracks the trajectory of the vehicle ahead with prescribed inter-vehicle distance. Kinematic equations of the system are formulated applying standard robotic methodology. We consider autonomous vehicle following without any information obtained(More)
Preserving digital information over the long term becomes increasing important for large number of institutions. The required expertise and limited tool support discourage especially small institutions from operating archives with digital preservation capabilities. Hoppla is an archiving solution that combines backup and fully automated migration services(More)
This paper presents an adaptive tracking controller for a two-vehicle convoy where the lead vehicle is driven in reverse. We assume that the lead vehicle linear and angular velocities are unknown constant parameters. We discuss autonomous vehicle control without any information obtained from road infrastructure or communicated from the lead vehicle. The(More)
Periodic structures with dimensions on the order of the wavelength of light can tailor and improve the performance of optical components, and they can enable the creation of devices with new functionalities. For example, distributed Bragg reflectors (DBRs), which are created by periodic modulations in a structure's dielectric medium, are essential in(More)
Blood cells are receiving an increasing attention as an easily accessible source of transcript-based biomarkers. We studied the feasibility of using mouse whole blood RNA in this context. Several paradigms were studied: (i) metabolism-related transcripts known to be affected in rat tissues and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) by fasting and upon(More)