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7001 Background: Ob is a pan-BCL-2 antagonist that is synergistic in vitro with cisplatin and E. A phase I study concluded that a 3-hr Ob infusion in combination with C and E was favored over a 24-hr infusion (ASCO 2010, Ab e13531 ). METHODS Patients (pts) with chemotherapy-naive ES-SCLC, measurable disease, and PS 0-2 were randomized to receive six(More)
Continued sedation has important practical implications on overcoming the physical and psychic stress which in turn, has important practical implications on the well-being of patients in conditions of intensive care unit. It is the purpose of the study to assess the quality and characteristics of sustained sedation with constant propofol (Diprivan) and(More)
Experience is recorded with the diagnosis and treatment of 90 patients with tumors of the kidney and its pyelocalyx system. Of all methods of diagnosis major importance is attached to computer axial tomography. It is emphasized that the approach to the kidney, the type and scope of the operative intervention should depend on the stage of tumor development.(More)
Propofol is an anesthetic characterized by specific pharmacologic qualities, conditioning compliance of the clinical picture with the drug infusional rate, high-degree safety and facilitated anesthesia conduction--qualities by which it bears resemblance to inhalation anesthesia. This is an assessment of the qualities of TIVA with Propofol in poor-risk(More)
Endorectal ultrasound examination is known mainly as a method of examination of the prostate gland. In this report results are presented of the use of this method in patients with tumors of the rectum or of the adjacent organs, with the purpose of evaluating the relation of the tumor to the intestinal wall. In 7 cases gamma 4 with cancer of the colon and 1(More)
Clinical experience is recorded and summarized with the application of BCG vaccine for prophylaxis, treatment and immunochemotherapy of bladder tumors for the period June 1985-January 1988. Included in the study were 85 patients distributed in five groups: 23 patients treated for prevention of relapses; 26 treated for existing and residual surface tumors;(More)
Intra-arterial therapy has a definite place in the complex management of pancreatitis. Drug infusion into the celiac trunk and a. mesenterica superior is a procedure bringing about the highest concentration (16-18 times) in the pathological focus (Briskinikol), inactivation of vasoactive and toxic products, interference with autolysis of the gland, allowing(More)
Ninety-two patients with urogenital fistulas of obstetric-gynecological origin have been treated at the Department of Urology of the Medical Academy in Sofia for a period of 14 1/2 years. Eighty seven women (94.6 per cent) were operated, with a total of 97 operations being performed. Thirty two of 34 patients with ureterovaginal fistula were operated (94.1(More)
The authors present their practical experience in the treatment of phalloid fungal intoxication via dialysis methods of treatment, included within the complete therapeutic system of that kind exogenous intoxication. The peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis, with consideration given to the patient's state, enables the reduction of the extremely high(More)