Petar Petrov

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Clinical experience is recorded and summarized with the application of BCG vaccine for prophylaxis, treatment and immunochemotherapy of bladder tumors for the period June 1985-January 1988. Included in the study were 85 patients distributed in five groups: 23 patients treated for prevention of relapses; 26 treated for existing and residual surface tumors;(More)
The experiment was carried out with dual-purpose fowls developed for rural backyard farming – indigenous Katunitsa chicken (line “AN”), in a free range management system from hatching to 52 weeks of age. The purpose of the investigation was to establish the influence of a blend of herbs as a dietary supplement on some serum biochemical parameters (alanine(More)
OBJECTIVE The phase III IUNO trial assessed the benefit of maintenance erlotinib versus erlotinib at progression in advanced/metastatic non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) that had not progressed following four cycles of platinum-based chemotherapy. MATERIALS AND METHODS Patients had stage IIIB/IV NSCLC, no known epidermal growth factor receptor(More)
7001 Background: Ob is a pan-BCL-2 antagonist that is synergistic in vitro with cisplatin and E. A phase I study concluded that a 3-hr Ob infusion in combination with C and E was favored over a 24-hr infusion (ASCO 2010, Ab e13531 ). METHODS Patients (pts) with chemotherapy-naive ES-SCLC, measurable disease, and PS 0-2 were randomized to receive six(More)
OBJECTIVES Nanoparticles are promising tools for targeted delivery of drugs in the treatment of different diseases, including neuropsychiatric disorders. However, they need to be carefully characterised for any adverse effects which may occur in their presence. In this study, we evaluated the applicability of nanoparticles that belong to three different(More)
Continued sedation has important practical implications on overcoming the physical and psychic stress which in turn, has important practical implications on the well-being of patients in conditions of intensive care unit. It is the purpose of the study to assess the quality and characteristics of sustained sedation with constant propofol (Diprivan) and(More)