Peta M. Bradbury

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The focal adhesion docking protein NEDD9/HEF1/Cas-L regulates cell migration and cancer invasion. NEDD9 is a member of the Cas family of proteins that share conserved overall protein-protein interaction domain structure, including a substrate domain that is characterized by extensive tyrosine (Y) phosphorylation. Previous studies have suggested that(More)
statement: This study shows that force transduction is mediated by the focal adhesion targeting domain of p130Cas. ABSTRACT The Cas family of focal adhesion proteins contain a highly conserved C-terminal focal adhesion targeting (FAT) domain. To determine the role of the FAT domain we compared wildtype exogenous NEDD9 with a hybrid construct in which the(More)
The critical role of migration and invasion in cancer metastasis warrants new therapeutic approaches targeting the machinery regulating cell migration and invasion. While 2-dimensional (2D) models have helped identify a range of adhesion molecules, cytoskeletal components and regulators that are potentially important for cell migration, the use of models(More)
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