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Purpose – To provide guidance for the formalised analysis of qualitative data and observations, to raise awareness about systematic analysis and illustrate promising avenues for the application of qualitative methodologies in international marketing research. Design/methodology/approach – Conceptually, the nature of qualitative research, globalisation and(More)
In most business relationships, written contracts are not drawn up, since businessmen find the drawing of written contracts both complicated and a waste of time. There are, of course, companies that draw up detailed written contracts, but those contracts are seldom applied as a means to settle disputes. Nor is the contracted party sued or threatened to b e(More)
and Key Results 0 Reliability, validity, generalisability and objectivity are fundamental concerns for quantitative researchers. For qualitative research, however, the role of these dimensions is blurred. Some researchers argue that these dimensions are not applicable to qualitative research and a qualitative researcher's tool chest should be geared towards(More)
This chapter analyzes the locational probability of manufacturing investment by foreign based multinational companies (MNCs) in Central Europe. The analysis focuses on direct investment during the early years of the economic transition to capitalism, using 1990-93 individual plant data reported for new operations. The probability of country selection was(More)
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Foreign entry in retailing involves a large number of challenges. Many have to do with building network relationships to actors on different societal levels – involving governments and international bodies as well as business partners. Another critical part is to understand the host market well enough to adapt the retail proposition in a sufficient way.(More)