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The anatomical relation between the spinal accessory nerve and internal jugular vein is well documented, but other variants of the nerve, including the contributions of the cervical plexus to supply motor fibres to the trapezius, are less well known. We have previously described an anatomical variant in which the spinal accessory nerve divided before(More)
This chapter examines the use of fuzzy clustering and expert reasoning for the identification of firms whose financial statements are affected by fraudulent financial reporting. For this purpose, we developed a database consisting of financial and nonfinancial variables that evaluated the risk of fraud. The variables were developed using fuzzy logic, which(More)
Anastomoses in the neck between the sensory transverse cervical nerve (C2,3) and the cervical branch of the facial nerve are common, but communications with more superior branches of the facial nerve are rare. After we had identified a case where the transverse cervical nerve joined the marginal mandibular branch of the facial nerve in the submandibular(More)
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