Pervaiz Ahmad

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Surveys on the prevalence of various intestinal parasitic infections in different geographic regions is a prerequisite for developing appropriate control strategies. The aim of the present study was to determine the prevalence of intestinal parasitic infections in schoolchildren enrolled in various schools in Srinagar City, Kashmir, India, and to assess(More)
The novel concept of swelling-type intramedullary hip implants that attain self-fixation by an expansion-fit mechanism resulting from controlled swelling of the implant (by absorption of body fluids) was examined in detail using a finite element model of the implant-femur system. Some of the potential advantages of this technique over traditional techniques(More)
Boron niride microflakes of 2-5 μm in diameter and greater than 40 μm in length with multilayer structure and highly crystalline nature are synthesized in two states of catalysts and dual role of nitrogen at 1100 °C. Most of the microflakes are flat, smooth and vertically aligned with a wall-like view from the top. Transmission electron microscopy shows(More)
Providing sufficient food to burgeoning population from the steadily shrinking arable land seems to be very difficult in near future and is one of the foremost challenges for plant scientists. In addition, there are several biotic and abiotic stresses which frequently encounter crop plants during various stages of life cycle, resulting in considerable yield(More)
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