Peruze Çelenk

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Amelogenesis imperfecta (AI) is a hereditary disorder expressing a group of conditions that cause developmental alterations in the structure of enamel. AI is a serious problem that reduces oral health-related quality of life and causes some physiological problems. The treatment of patients with AI may upgrade the quality of life and reinforce their(More)
Inflammatory fibrous hyperplasia (epulis fissuratum) (IFH) and inflammatory papillary hyperplasia (IPH) are oral mucosal diseases caused by ill-fitting denture wearing. A study was carried out on a group of Turkish people consisted of 131 female and 39 male complete denture wearers (n= 170) distributed in two age groups (30-60 and 60-80 years old). The(More)
We analyzed the frequency and radiological features of mesiodens in a group of children in Turkey. The study was based on a radiographic review of 23,000 pediatric patients (male: 12,667 female; 10,333) who visited the Department of Oral Diagnosis and Radiology during the period 2003-2005 (3 years). The presence of an unerupted supernumerary tooth, or tooth(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of different occlusion types on the mandibular asymmetry in young individuals. MATERIALS AND METHODS Mandibular asymmetry measurements were performed on the panoramic radiographs of 189 subjects (104 females and 85 males; age range, 11-15 years), with different occlusion patterns. The subjects were divided into five(More)
Dens invaginatus results from an infolding of the outer surface of a tooth. The clinical importance of dens invaginatus results from the risk of pulpal disease. So, all clinicians should be aware of this anomaly. The presence of double dens invaginatus is extremely rare. This article presents three cases of double dens invaginatus in permanent maxillary(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the efficacy of ultrasonography and colour and power Doppler ultrasonography for diagnosis of intraosseous lesions of the jaws and to correlate the contents of the lesion with the histological findings. METHODS This study included 20 patients referred to the oral surgery clinic for treatment. All patients had intraosseous jaw(More)
Nasolabial cysts are uncommon primarily unilateral soft tissue lesions located adjacent to the alveolar process above the apices of the maxillary incisors. Clinical features of the nasolabial cysts are smooth fluctuant soft tissue swelling between the upper lip and nasal aperture with obliteration of the nasolabial fold and elevation of the nasal ala. A(More)
A rare case of intramuscular hemangioma of the masseter muscle with multiple phleboliths is described, highlighting features evident in plain radiography, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). A 21-year-old woman presented with a complaint of swelling of the right masseter muscle. A plain radiograph from the soft tissue of the right cheek showed(More)
Regional odontodysplasia (RO) is an unusual, non-hereditary anomaly of the dental hard tissues with characteristic clinical, radiographic and histological findings. Clinically, RO affects the primary and permanent dentition in the maxilla and mandible or both jaws. Radiographically, there is a lack of contrast between the enamel dentin, both of which are(More)
Papillon-Lefevre syndrome (PLS) is a rare autosomal, recessive condition characterized by hyperkeratosis of palms and soles of the feet and elbows and by rapid formation of periodontitis and hypermobility, migration and exfoliation of the teeth of primary and permanent dentition. The purpose of this report was to describe the case of an 8-year-old boy who(More)