Perumalsamy Deepalakshmi

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Multicasting protocols can be used to improve the efficiency of the wireless links in Mobile Ad hoc Networks when sending multiple copies of messages from multiple sources to multiple receivers. In this paper, a Source initiated Mesh based QoS Probabilistic multicast routing protocol (SQMP) for MANETs is proposed. SQMP is inspired from the ant colony's(More)
Routing, the act of moving information from a source node to a destination node across any kind of network is one of the major issues in computer network literature. Ad hoc wireless networks are increasing in popularity, because of the spread of laptops, sensor devices, personal digital assistants, and other mobile electronic devices. These devices will(More)
Dynamic Routing Assignment (DRA) is a key problem in intelligent optical computer networks. Mathematicians & Computer Scientists started researching the behavior of ants in the early 1990's to find new routing algorithms. The most efficient & widest AI techniques like Swarm particle optimization and Ant colony optimization (ACO) are used to find out(More)
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