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OBJECTIVE To assess the accuracy of the clinically estimated blood loss (EBL) when compared with the actual blood loss (ABL) in replacement surgeries. METHODS This prospective study was done in Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre from April 2011 to April 2013. Altogether 140 patients undergoing total hip replacement or total knee replacement were included with(More)
The effect of Shilajit on blood chemistry was studied in normal human volunteers. Administration of two gms of Shilajit for 45 days did not produced any significant change in physical parameters i.e. blood pressure, pulse rate and body weight and similarly no charge was observed in hematological parameters. A signification reduction in Serum Triglycerides,(More)
Aim : To evaluate the role of dexa scan and assessment of risk factors as predictors for fragility hip fracture. Method : Prospective study of 240 patients with suspected osteoporosis and underwent dexa scan.The inclusion criteria are patients above 50 years of age and trivial injury. The exclusion criteria are any pathological fracture, age below 50 years,(More)
The scaphoid is the second largest of the carpal bones and is named due to its boat-like shape (derived from the Greek word scaphon). It is situated laterally in the proximal carpal row, articulating with the distal radius proximally and forms joints with the lunate, capitate, trapezoid and trapezium. The scaphoid can be divided into proximal, mid and(More)
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