Perumal Madeswaran

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Carbon biogeochemistry of a tropical ecosystem (The Cochin Estuary, India) undergoing increased human intervention was studied during February (premonsoon), April (early monsoon) and September (monsoon) 2005. The Cochin estuary sustains high levels of pCO2 (up to 6000 μatm) and CO2 effluxes (up to 274 mmolC m−2 d−1) especially during monsoon. A first-order(More)
The present investigation aimed to study the effect of monsoonal and anthropogenic influences on the water quality parameters of Puducherry coastal waters. Surface water sampling was performed at three fixed stations in four distinct seasons during 2011. Physical water quality parameters such as salinity and TSM showed strong seasonal and spatial(More)
An elaborate survey on the contamination of heavy metals was carried out in surface sediments of different ecosystems such as Vellar-Coleroon estuarine, Pichavaram mangrove and coastal region of Parangipettai, Southeast coast of India. The study was intended since, the coal based thermal power plant and oil refinery plant are proposed to set up along this(More)
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