Perumal Gomathi

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Marine environment comprises complex ecosystems and many of the organisms are known to possess bioactive components as a common means of self-defense or for the protection of eggs and embryos. In recent years, many bioactive compounds have been extracted, characterized and purified from various marine animals like bacteria, algae, dinoflagellates,(More)
The control of attention orienting was studied in children with specific reading disorder (SRD) or dyslexia, and it was compared with that of normal readers. The main goal of the study was to propose and implement new feature extraction method for extracting the features efficient from the signals and it is classified using the classifier from eye movement(More)
Methods The ocular samples viz., corneal swab, corneal scraping, aqueous tap and vitreous tap were processed for culture and the isolated Nocardia species were further confirmed for speciation by standard microbiological procedures. Antibiotic susceptibility analysis for the confirmed isolates of N. asteroides was performed by agar disk diffusion method(More)
Gram positive cocci viz., streptococci and staphylococci are found to be more predominant among ocular infections. Treatment of bacterial eye infections may engross empirical therapy with topical ophthalmic broad spectrum antibiotic formulations which is a prevailing practice among ophthalmologists. Ocular samples were collected from patients attending a(More)
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