Pertti Verronen

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We propose a novel search technique called IteMinder that helps users find property in a room using passive RFID and an autonomous robot. First, we attach RFID tags to the target items and at typical locations in a room. We also attach an RFID reader and a laser rangefinder to the robot. The robot can move around the entire room automatically while avoiding(More)
The effect of dietary therapy with a human Lactobacillus strain GG (ATCC 53103), bovine colostrum, or bovine immune colostrum with specific antibodies against anaerobic intestinal bacteria on gut defence mechanisms were studied in juvenile chronic arthritis. Thirty patients with juvenile chronic arthritis were randomly allocated to receive a freeze-dried(More)
The intestinal microflora was indirectly evaluated in juvenile chronic arthritis (JCA) by analysing enzyme activities--urease, beta-glucosidase and beta-glucuronidase--in faeces. In 18 out of 26 JCA patients, the illness had been diagnosed during the past year. The control group was composed of eight age-matched control patients and 18 family members of JCA(More)
The height and height velocity standard deviation scores (HSDS and HVSDS) of 64 prepubertal children with mild to moderate chronic arthritis were calculated at the time of diagnosis and then annually during treatment and follow-up of 4 y. Preceding the diagnosis, children with chronic arthritis were as a group slightly taller than their healthy peers.(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate drug survival, efficacy, side effects, and longterm toxicity of azathioprine treatment in patients with juvenile chronic arthritis (JCA). METHODS In an uncontrolled, prospective study we evaluated 129 consecutive patients with JCA refractory to therapy in whom azathioprine treatment was begun during 1980-1989. In the first 29(More)
OBJECTIVES Active juvenile chronic arthritis (JCA) is accompanied by anaemia of chronic disease, which may be indistinguishable from anaemia due to iron deficiency. We speculate that elevation of the serum transferrin receptor (sTfR) concentration, which should not be influenced by inflammation, would be useful for detecting the role of iron status in(More)
A prospective study of the course of breast feeding was carried out in a group of 150 mothers. The reasons for terminating breast feeding before six months and the occurrence of transient lactational crises were recorded. 23% of the mothers gave up breast feeding because of lactational difficulties. 12% stopped for external reasons and 65% carried on beyond(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the incidence of systemic connective tissue diseases (CTD) and of systemic onset juvenile arthritis (S-JA) in children aged 0 to 15 years. METHODS A nationwide, prospective, hospital based series of new patients from Finland collected during a 4-year period and supplemented with data from the National Hospital Discharge Register. The(More)