Perry J. Williams

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The Defence Technology Strategy identifies modular and incremental certification as a key enabler to 'Through-Life Capability Management' as a means of reducing the impact and hence cost of re-certification of changes to systems. The Ministry of Defence has funded the Industrial Avionics Working Group, an industrial research consortium, to undertake a 'hot(More)
Field-based primate studies often make population inferences using count-based indices (e.g., individuals/plot) or distance sampling; the first does not account for the probability of detection and thus can be biased, while the second requires large sample sizes to obtain precise estimates, which is difficult for many primate studies. We discuss(More)
E-learning platforms such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) provide teachers with tools that can be used to broaden teaching and learning experiences. These LMSs are used to create online learning environments for campus-based students and also to offer mixed mode and fully online courses in organizations like universities. This paper seeks to develop an(More)
Statistical decision theory (SDT) is a sub-field of decision theory that formally incorporates statistical investigation into a decision-theoretic framework to account for uncertainties in a decision problem. SDT provides a unifying analysis of three types of information: statistical results from a data set, knowledge of the consequences of potential(More)
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