Perry Cole

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Plasma nicotine three minutes after smoking a cigarette was measured in 10 sedentary workers in mid-morning and five hours later on four typical working days. The average mid-morning level after they had been smoking their usual cigarettes (mean nicotine yield 1-34 ng) was 150-4 nmol/l (24-4 ng/ml) (range 95-6-236-7 nmol/l (15-5-38-4 ng/ml)). Despite great(More)
Twenty-six patients, receiving an infusion of sodium nitroprusside (SNP) during surgery, had considerable increases in both red cell and plasma cyanide concentration, but only small changes in plasma thiocyanate concentration. There was a linear relationship between both plasma and RBC cyanide concentrations and the total dose of SNP. The expired cyanide(More)
The morphology of the bone marrow of 21 dentists who habitually used nitrous oxide in their surgeries was investigated. Exposure to nitrous oxide was measured with an atmospheric sampling device, and each dentist was invited to fill in a questionnaire giving details of medical history, diet, and intake of alcohol. During the trial a full neurological and(More)
This study was designed to examine the extent to which smokers would compensate for the dilution of smoke produced by ventilated cigarette holders. Peak plasma nicotine and carboxyhemoglobin levels were measured in 18 smokers when they had been smoking normally and when they had been using holders which dilute the smoke by about 20% (holder 1) and 60%(More)
Plasma nicotine levels were measured over seven hours of smoking cigarettes (1-2 mg nicotine) in a single subject under standardised conditions, and were compared with the levels obtained from chewing-gum containing either 2 mg or 4 mg nicotine. Levels comparable to those resulting from smoking were not obtained with the 2-mg gum, but peak levels on the(More)
Pollution in the dental outpatients surgery was assessed by measuring atmospheric nitrous oxide levels and comparing these with the venous blood concentrations in the operator-anaesthetist and his assistant. The effects of scavenging on both measurements have also been determined. Without scavenging the nitrous oxide level in the blood of the dentist was(More)