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Coloured Places and Pigmented Holidays: Racialized Leisure Travel
Abstract This paper deals with race, space and leisure travel. It enquires into the differences between African-American and White travel behaviour while challenging existing theoretical explanationsExpand
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Where are the enslaved?: TripAdvisor and the narrative landscapes of southern plantation museums
ABSTRACT This study examines two southern Louisiana plantation museums: Laura and Oak Alley, using a framework that stresses the narrative power and politics of these heritage sites. Located a mileExpand
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Commemorative Surrogation and the American South's Changing Heritage Landscape
Abstract The past two decades have witnessed momentous changes on the American South's heritage landscape. First, and most dramatically, ascendant civil rights museums have established themselves asExpand
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Geography, Race, and Quantification
This article reviews how race, quantification, and raced quantification have been used and written about in geography. Its two primary arguments are that race should be more central in the disciplineExpand
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The Penumbral Spaces of Nella Larsen's Passing: Undecidable bodies, mobile identities, and the deconstruction of racial boundaries
Nella Larsen's 1929 novel, Passing, is a psychological drama centering around two fair-skinned women. One, Clare Kendry, passes as the White wife of a financially successful racist; the other, IreneExpand
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Social Representational Communities and the Imagined Antebellum South
ABSTRACT Tourists come to museums with varied expectations and leave appreciating different aspects of their presentations. Thus, tourists/audiences are primed to see, hear, and experience certainExpand
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The House That Story Built: The Place of Slavery in Plantation Museum Narratives
This article examines the characteristics and opinions of tourists visiting Laura Plantation Museum in southern Louisiana, paying close attention to their interest in slavery relative to otherExpand
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Urban landscape as mirror of ethnicity: trees of the South Plains
The literatures on urban forestry, environmental justice, and Marxist urban political ecology are considered through empirical attention to the localized racial and ethnic politics which spatiallyExpand
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This paper explores women’s travel behaviors during their commutes from home to work. The type of women’s work being examined in this study is the rapidly developing customer information servicesExpand
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