Perrine Savary

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A heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) technology utilizing InGaP/GaAs and carbon-doped base has been established in Motorola's high-volume 6" GaAs facility. The technology has been used to develop an integrated dual band (824-849 MHz and 1850-1910 MHz) power amplifier IC with multi-mode operation for 2.5G portable wireless. Both three-stage amplifiers(More)
INTRODUCTION With more than 500,000 operations per year, cataract surgery is the most performed act nowadays in France. Several techniques can be used but the phacoemulsification after micro-incision is the most common and the purpose is to put an intraocular lens into the eye. AIM To approach the direct cost of the cataract surgery and to compare it to(More)
With more than 500,000 operations per year, cataract surgery is currently the most frequently performed surgical operation in France. Several procedural techniques are described, but phacoemulsification after micro-incision is the most common. The cost and reimbursement by the French social security depend on whether the procedure is conducted on an(More)
The author presents the various difficulties in the formation of a bank of tympano-ossicular homografts. The difficulties are in the laws, the costs, and the technique. The question is : Are the difficulties greater than the results? After four years, the results obtained at the Hôtel Dieu in Quebec City seem to prove that if the indications remain(More)
Ten per cent of patients referred to the authors' clinic for vertigo prove to have Ménière's disease, and 93% of these are managed conservatively, leaving less than 1% of the entire population of vertigo patients to undergo an operation for Ménière's disease. Incision of the endolymphatic sac without any shunt is the operation performed by the authors.(More)
A summary of progress of surgery and rehabilitation showed that the vocal and social situation of the laryngectomee in the world is very poor. To improve this situation, a world survey on the state of laryngectomees and a world Congress in Quebec City in 1974 were organized. Consequently, a special section of l'Hotel-Dieu de Quebec was organized to(More)
Patient referrals very frequently occur for ill-defined vertigo that appeared some months or even years after a trauma. These should not, however, be considered as cases of functional vertigo. The vertigo is very real, may last several years and constitute a genuine disorder. Such cases are amply described in the literature. Although we cannot perfectly(More)