Perrine Rasschaert

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Herpesviruses encode a unique serine protease essential for viral capsid maturation. This protease undergoes autoprocessing at two sites, R and M, at the consensus sequence (V, L, I)(P3)-X(P2)-A(P1)/S(P1') (where X is a polar amino acid). We observed complete autoprocessing at the R and M sites of Marek's disease virus (MDV) protease following production of(More)
Interplay between alternative splicing and the Microprocessor may have differential effects on the expression of intronic miRNAs organized into clusters. We used a viral model - the LAT long non-coding RNA (LAT lncRNA) of Marek's disease oncogenic herpesvirus (MDV-1), which has the mdv1-miR-M8-M6-M7-M10 cluster embedded in its first intron - to assess the(More)
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