Perrine Gauthier

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Although extreme climatic events may have profound effects on ecological systems, there is a marked lack of information on adaptation to such events. In this study, we employed reciprocal transplantation on both a geographic scale (experimental sites 200 km apart in different parts of the range of the study species) and a local landscape scale (reciprocal(More)
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In the Mediterranean region, the spread and densification of woodlands and shrublands subsequent to rural depopulation is a critical issue for the conservation of open-habitat plant species. Our objective was to assess the effectiveness of forest management to reduce the negative impact of forest closure on the persistence of a protected herbaceous(More)
By means of highly resolved one-dimensional hydrodynamics simulations, we provide an understanding of the burn process in inertial-confinement-fusion baseline targets. The cornerstone of the phenomenology of propagating burn in such laser-driven capsules is shown to be the transition from a slow unsteady reaction-diffusion regime of thermonuclear combustion(More)
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