Perrine Gauthier

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 To resolve the maternal parentage of the tetraploid Lotus corniculatus, restriction-site variation of chloroplast DNA (cpDNA) was studied in several accessions of that species, in the four putative parental diploid species, L. tenuis, L. alpinus, L. japonicus and L. uliginosus, and in four phylogenetically more distant diploid species, L. hispidus, L.(More)
Although extreme climatic events may have profound effects on ecological systems, there is a marked lack of information on adaptation to such events. In this study, we employed reciprocal transplantation on both a geographic scale (experimental sites 200 km apart in different parts of the range of the study species) and a local landscape scale (reciprocal(More)
Given the large extent of hybrid cultivation, the importance of conserving the diversity of crop genetic resources has given birth to numerous collections of old races. In the present paper, we conduct a molecular characterisation of a large collection of 488 European maize populations using the bulk RFLP analysis. The analysis of 23 RFLP loci showed a high(More)
The aim of this study was to develop sustained release plant extracts as a potential alternative to antibiotic growth promoters for growing pigs. Pellets with a core based on microcrystalline cellulose and 3 active compounds (eugenol, carvacrol, and thymol) were prepared using rotary fluidized-bed technology. Two particle sizes were produced that had a mean(More)
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In the Mediterranean region, the spread and densification of woodlands and shrublands subsequent to rural depopulation is a critical issue for the conservation of open-habitat plant species. Our objective was to assess the effectiveness of forest management to reduce the negative impact of forest closure on the persistence of a protected herbaceous(More)
Synopsis A new gelification process of vegetable oils was developed using a cellulose derivative in order to obtain transparent oleogels (anhydrous gels based on fatty components) of different consistencies. The study of their structure has been carried out by infra-red spectroscopy, differential thermal analysis and X-ray diffractometry. All these physical(More)
Synopsis A gelling process for glycerides (synthetic or natural) by a cellulose derivative has been developed to obtain transparent oleogels of different consistencies. The present work examines the rheological behaviour of these oleogels. The study was carried out with a Trombomat Viscosity Follower. This measurement system allowed the determination of the(More)
The morphology, phenology and allozyme polymorphism in seven tetraploidDactylis glomerata populations growing in the French Alps were studied. Based on habitat and morphological characteristics, two of the populations could be classified asD. glomerata subsp.reichenbachii, which is known to comprise diploid and tetraploid plants growing exclusively on(More)