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Europeanization of National Security Identity: The EU and the changing security identities of the Nordic states
Contents Preface Acknowledgements Abbreviations 1. Europeanization of Nordic security 2. The EU - A Comprehensive Security Actor 3. Europeanisation as socialisation 4. Sweden - Teacher and pupil 5.Expand
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Europeanization of Nordic Security
During the Cold War period, the security policies of the Nordic states were referred to as the ‘Nordic balance’ — a combination of policies aimed at preserving a balance between the two superpowers.Expand
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The EU as a Security Actor
Course description: As a security community, the EU has to deal with internal safety, external threats, and new forms of transnational threats. This new configuration of challenges explains theExpand
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From territorial defence
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Autonomy or integration? Small-state responses to a changing European security landscape
ABSTRACT In this special issue, we examine whether there is a pattern in how small European states, inside and outside of the European Union (EU), adapt and adjust to EU foreign and security policy.Expand
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Introduction: The European Neighbourhood Policy: An Instrument for Security Community-Building
This introduction provides a framework for studying European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) as external security community-building. The main argument in this chapter is that successful securityExpand
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From Common Defence to Comprehensive Security: Towards the Europeanization of French Foreign and Security Policy?
This article looks at the relationship between European integration and national foreign and security policy -specifically, how and to what extent the development of a European (EU) foreign andExpand
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The ENP as an instrument for building a security community: The case of Morocco
This contribution investigates whether and how the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) works as a security community-building instrument in EU–Morocco relations. The analysis is based on the argumentExpand
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Norway and the ESDP: Explaining Norwegian Participation in the EU's Security Policy
Abstract This article aims to contribute to a better understanding of why various Norwegian governments of recent years have been willing to contribute to European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP)Expand
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