Pernille K Birck

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Large scale quantitative phosphoproteomics depends upon multidimensional strategies for peptide fractionation, phosphopeptide enrichment, and mass spectrometric analysis. Previously, most robust comprehensive large-scale phosphoproteomics strategies have relied on milligram amounts of protein. We have set up a multi-dimensional phosphoproteomics strategy(More)
ACBP (acyl-CoA-binding protein) is a small primarily cytosolic protein that binds acyl-CoA esters with high specificity and affinity. ACBP has been identified in all eukaryotic species, indicating that it performs a basal cellular function. However, differential tissue expression and the existence of several ACBP paralogues in many eukaryotic species(More)
The results of body plethysmography in 607 coalminers from Lorraine, France, are analysed. The relationship between radiological aspects and tobacco consumption are discussed. When progressive massive fibrosis (PMF) is absent, total lung capacity (TLC) and slow vital capacity (VC) are related with profusion, but remain independant of X-ray type and tobacco(More)
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