Periyaswamy Viswanathan

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Ursolic acid is a triterpenoid that exists in nature and is the major component of some traditional medicinal herbs. In this study, ursolic acid has been evaluated for its hepatoprotective effect against chronic ethanol-mediated toxicity in rats. Ethanol administration (7.9 g/kg/day) for 60 days resulted in increased oxidative stress, decreased antioxidant(More)
The antifibrogenic effect of taurine in experimental liver fibrosis has been shown. The role of taurine to abate fibrogenic mediators and collagen deposition during liver fibrosis induced by simultaneous administration of iron carbonyl (0.5% w/w) and alcohol (6 g/kg/day) was investigated in this study. Liver histology, the levels of inflammatory cytokines,(More)
Our findings reported so far demonstrate that silibinin modulates gut microbial enzymes, colonic oxidative stress and Wnt/β-catenin signaling, to exert its antiproliferative effect against 1,2 di-methylhydrazine (DMH) induced colon carcinogenesis. Since xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes play a crucial role in carcinogen activation and metabolism, we aimed to(More)
Hepatic injury elicits intracellular stress that leads to peroxidation of membrane lipids accompanied by alteration of structural and functional characteristics of the membrane, which affects the activity of membrane-bound ATPases. We have explored the effect of leptin on hepatic marker enzyme and membrane-bound adenosine triphosphatases in ethanol-induced(More)
AIM Subcutaneous entomophthoromycosis (EM) is an uncommon fungal infection of childhood. This article is intended to draw the attention of pediatric surgeons to the fact that EM can mimic soft-tissue tumor. METHODS It is a retrospective review of 16 children treated for subcutaneous EM between 2000 and 2013. RESULTS The median age of patients was 3.5(More)
Colon cancer is the third most global oncologic problem faced by medical fraternity. Troxerutin, a flavonoid present in tea, coffee, cereal grains, and a variety of fruits and vegetables, exhibits various pharmacological and biological activities. This study was carried out to investigate the effect of troxerutin on xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes, colonic(More)
The study examines the effects of taurine on the metabolism and detoxification of ethanol in liver fibrosis induced by simultaneous administration of iron carbonyl (0.5%, w/w) and ethanol (6g/(kgday)). Ethanol and iron administration caused liver damage and fibrosis as evidenced by liver histology and biochemical profile in plasma. Over accumulation of iron(More)
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