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4-[(1,2-Dihydro-2-oxo-3H-indol-3-ylidene)amino]-N-(4,6-dimethylpyrimidin-2-yl) benzenesulphonamide and its derivatives were tested in vitro for antiviral activity against vaccinia and cowpox virus replication in human foreskin fibroblast (HFF) cells, and their activity was compared with cidofovir (CDV). Among the tested compounds,(More)
We designed and synthesized novel 2,3-disubstituted quinazolin-4(3H)-ones by microwave technique and characterized them by spectral analysis. Synthesized compounds were screened for cytotoxicity and for antiviral activity against influenza A (H1N1, H3N2 and H5N1), severe acute respiratory syndrome corona, dengue, yellow fever, Venezuelan equine encephalitis(More)
4-[(1,2-Dihydro-2-oxo-3H-indol-3-ylidene) amino]-N(4,6-dimethyl-2-pyrimidinyl)-benzene sulphonamide and its derivatives were synthesized by reaction of isatin and its derivatives with sulphadimidine. Their chemical structures have been confirmed by IR, (1)H NMR data and elemental analysis. Investigation of anti-HIV activity of compounds were tested against(More)
4-[(1,2-Dihydro-2-oxo-3H-indol-3-ylidene)amino]-N-(4,6-dimethyl-2-pyrimidinyl)-benzenesulphonamide (SPIII-5H) and related compounds were tested for antiviral activity against influenza A (H1N1, H3N2, and H5N1) and B viruses in Madin Darby canine kidney (MDCK) cell culture. Among the compounds tested, SPIII-5H and four derivatives (5-chloro [SPill-5Cl],(More)
BACKGROUND The development of antiviral drugs has provided crucial new means to mitigate or relieve the debilitating effects of many viral pathogens. New classes of inhibitors are essential to combat swine influenza viral infection. METHODS A series of isatine-sulfadimidine derivatives were screened for antiviral activity against swine influenza(More)
Objective of the study was to assess the antidiabetic activity of a polyherbal formulation in alloxan induced diabetic rats. Methods: The antidiabetic activity of a polyherbal formulation in alloxan induced diabetic rats was assessed using Alloxan β-cytotoxin induced chemical diabetes in a wide variety of wister albino rats. Result: The polyherbal(More)
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