Periyasamy Balasubramanian

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This study in rural Tamil Nadu, India, explored the reasons why many married women in India undergo induced abortions rather than use reversible contraception to space or limit births in terms of women's sexual and reproductive rights within marriage, and in the context of gender relations between couples more generally. It is based on in-depth interviews(More)
ABF is an expert system that assists attorneys in designing legal documents. The system starts by extracting from a library of legal forms a skeleton template that has embedded within it programming constructs such as conditionals and loops, references to other texts, and variables, which are later replaced by client-specific information in the course of a(More)
Making profits and investing the capital in an efficient way is really a tough task in the sectors like textiles and spinning, as the Cotton Yarn prices highly fluctuate. So, the main goal of this project is to forecast the yarn price (40<sup>s</sup> Karded HANK, 40<sup>s</sup> Combed CONE) using cotton price (Shankar-6) forecast and also other attributes(More)
Investments in IT have become a dominant part of the capital budgets of many organizations. While the costs seem readily identi®able, many of the bene®ts are elusive. In this paper we develop a formal and practical methodology to evaluate information technology infrastructure investments. Our experience in using this approach has shown that it not only(More)
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