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OBJECTIVES Determination of specificity and sensitivity of narrow band imaging (NBI) in the assessment of tumor extension in centrally located lung cancer, when compared to white light bronchoscopy (WLB) alone, and evaluation of possible influence of NBI on therapeutic decision in patients with lung cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS We evaluated 36 patients(More)
Currently there several diagnostic techniques that re used by radiologists and pulmonary physicians for lung cancer diagnostics. In several cases pneumothorax (PNTX) is induced and immediate action is needed. Both radiologists and pulmonary physicians can insert a chest tube for symptom relief. However; only pulmonary physicians and thoracic surgeons can(More)
Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) can occur during the treatment of several diseases and in several interventional procedures as a complication. It is a difficult situation to handle and special care should be applied to the patients. Mechanical ventilation is used for these patients and several parameters are changed constantly until compliance is(More)
Pneumothorax is an urgent situation that has to be treated immediately upon diagnosis. Pneumothorax is divided to primary and secondary. A primary pneumothorax is considered the one that occurs without an apparent cause and in the absence of significant lung disease. On the other hand secondary pneumothorax occurs in the presence of existing lung pathology.(More)
Catamenial pneumothorax (CP) is the most common form of thoracic endometriosis syndrome, which also includes catamenial hemothorax, catamenial hemoptysis, catamenial hemopneumothorax and endometriosis lung nodules, as well as some exceptional presentations. Usually onset of lung collapse is less than 72 hours after menstruation. Most commonly occurs in(More)
Pneumothorax occurs when air enters the pleural space. Currently there is increasing incidence of road traffic accidents, increasing awareness of healthcare leading to more advanced diagnostic procedures, and increasing number of admissions in intensive care units are responsible for traumatic (non iatrogenic and iatrogenic) pneumothorax. Pneumothorax has a(More)
While sarcoidosis is a relatively common but often underdiagnosed disease, pneumothorax appears to be a rare clinical event observed mostly at the late stages of the disease course. The precise underlying mechanism of such complication is unclear and probably involves the formation of bullae due to bronchial obstruction and retraction-collapse of distracted(More)
Pneumothorax based on the cause, it can be divided into two large categories; primary and secondary. The staging of pneumothorax plays a crucial role for treatment. Currently both thoracic surgeons and pulmonary physicians can handle efficiently treatment. Pulmonary physicians with the minimally medical thoracoscopy while thoracic surgeons with a more(More)
Pneumothorax is an urgent medical situation that requires urgent treatment. We can divide this entity based on the etiology to primary and secondary. Chest tube implantation can be performed either in the upper chest wall or lower. Both thoracic surgeons and pulmonary physicians can place a chest tube with minimal invasive techniques. In our current work,(More)
Pneumothorax is recognized as a common and life-threatening complication in cystic fibrosis (CF) patients, especially in those who are infected with P. aeruginosa, B. cepacia or Aspergillus, need enteral feeding, are diagnosed as suffering from allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA), developed massive hemoptysis, and their respiratory function is(More)
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