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This paper addresses to some of the latest contributions on the application of Finite Control Set Model Predictive Control (FCS-MPC) in Power Electronics. In FCS-MPC , the switching states are directly applied to the power converter, without the need of an additional modulation stage. The paper shows how the use of FCS-MPC provides a simple and efficient(More)
This paper describes an automated control system design strategy for power electronics and drives. The design method employs a genetic algorithm (GA) based optimization routine that can be implemented off-line and on-line. A suitable user definable fitness function assesses the performance of several control parameters, and selects which values will evolve(More)
A matrix converter and variable-speed diesel generator are integrated to create a three-phase utility power supply. The matrix converter is designed to meet tight harmonic and transient response requirements while allowing variable voltage and frequency input from the generator's permanent magnet alternator; This enables the generator to provide stable(More)
This paper presents a design and experimental validation of a temperature feedback control scheme to realize the reduction of temperature variation amplitude of power devices or modules. A full-order observer state-space thermal model enables estimation and control of the temperature at reliability critical locations only measuring one accessible location.