Periasamy Viswanathamurthi

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A new series of octahedral ruthenium(II) complexes supported by tridentate ligands derived from phenanthrenequinone and derivatives of thiosemicarbazide/semicarbazide and other co-ligands have been(More)
Six new octahedral ruthenium(II) carbonyl complexes having the general molecular formula [RuCl(CO)(B)L(1-2)] (B = PPh3, AsPh3 or py; L(1-2) = quinoline based NNO ligand) were synthesized. The(More)
1,2-Naphthaquinone reacts with amines such as semicarbazide, isonicotinylhydrazide and thiosemicarbazide in high yield procedure with the formation of tridentate ligands HL(n) (n=1-3). By reaction of(More)
New Ru(III) isothiosemicarbazone complexes [RuCl(EPh3)L(1-4)] (E=P or As) were obtained from the reactions between [RuCl3(EPh3)3] and bis(salicylaldehyde)-S-methylisothiosemicarbazone(More)