Periagaram K. Rajasekaran

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In this paper, we discuss the discrete Hilbert transform (DHT) method of stabilizing unstable two-dimensional (2-D) recursive digital filters originally proposed by Read and Treitel. We show that even in the one-dimensional case, the DHT method may yield an unstable polynomial when the given unstable polynomial has zeros on the unit circle. This is the case(More)
The problem of estimating the spectrum of a complex stochastic process observed in additive white noise is considered. The problem is reduced to one of parameter identification by assuming an autoregressive model for the process. An algori— thm for estimating these parameters is derived. Ezamples are presented to illustrate the use of the algorithm. Member,(More)
An MPEG-2 audio decoding processor core is described with a focus on inverse quantization (IQ) and multichannel processing (MC) of Layer I and II decoding. A novel architecture that we propose can perform IQ at a high throughput. In addition, different types of dematrixing modes for MC process in the MPEG-2 standard can also be performed. The processor core(More)
Texas Instruments is the industry leader in providing digital signal processing solutions to a variety of system applications including wireless communications, modems, hard disk drives, and many others. In this paper, the key roles of university research and education are described. The relationship of TI to the university community is reviewed. TI’s(More)