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Assessment of pruritus is critical in dermatological history taking, both for initial diagnosis and for monitoring treatment. Various methods of assessing pruritus in the dog have been described but none have been validated. In this study, four different pruritus scales were initially assessed: a 0-5 numerical scale; a scale containing six categories of(More)
Sarcoptic mange is a serious skin disease in alpacas that can result in high morbidity and even mortality. Three alpacas were presented with sarcoptic mange that had previously failed to respond to repeated topical applications of eprinomectin, and an injection of doramectin. They were moderately to severely pruritic, had extensive lesions of alopecia,(More)
Autoimmune subepidermal blistering diseases in dogs were all classified as bullous pemphigoid until 1998. Since then, refinements in reagents and immunological techniques have allowed diseases which are histologically similar but which have a different molecular pathogenesis to be described. This report describes the first case of one such disease,(More)
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