Peretz Weiss

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Localizations were compared for the same human seizure between simultaneously measured MEG and iEEG, which were both co-registered to MRI. The whole-cortex neuromagnetometer localized a dipole in a sphere phantom, co-registered to the MEG sensor array, with an error of 1.4 mm. A focal afterdischarge seizure was induced in a patient with partial epilepsy, by(More)
nerves it moves predominantly in a distal direction if the endoneurial spaces are patent. (1951). A rapid method for clinical total blood volume determination using radioactive iodinated human serum albumin (RIHSA). The blood flow through the human calf during rhythmic exercise. The spread of a neurotropic strain of herpes virus in the cerebrospinal axis of(More)
A novel methodology to evaluate uncertainties in lunar element abundances is presented. Contrary to most terrestrial applications, lunar GIS data cannot be verified by in-situ measurements due to the limited number of ground control points and their reduced spatial extend. This investigation evaluates the uncertainty in lunar element abundance measurements(More)
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