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This introductory article describes the content of the October 2004 issue of MRS Bulletin focusing on novel materials and applications of electronic noses and tongues. The articles in this issue review the state of the art in materials, devices, and data processing algorithms used in electronic olfaction and taste systems. The most common gas- and(More)
In the present contribution, three methods for the preparation of nanoscaled SrTi 1-x Fe x O 3-δ sensor films for hydrocarbon sensing were investigated. Besides screen-printed thick films based on sol-precipitated nanopowders, two novel synthesis methods, electrospinning and electrospraying, were tested successfully. All of these sensor devices showed(More)
— We present a low-power wide-dynamic-range read-out circuit that directly interfaces a selective metal-oxide gas sensor. The proposed novel readout architecture implements an adaptive baseline compensation and limits the sensor current. The readout IC can interface the sensors with the baseline resistance from 1 kΩ to 100 MΩ and measures the gas induced(More)
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