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In this paper, we address the problem of no-reference quality assessment for digital pictures corrupted with blur. We start with the generation of a large real image database containing pictures taken by human users in a variety of situations, and the conduction of subjective tests to generate the ground truth associated to those images. Based upon this(More)
Information overload is one of today's major concerns. As high-resolution digital cameras become increasingly pervasive, unprecedented amounts of social media are being uploaded to online social networks on a daily basis. In order to support users on selecting the best photos to create an online photo album, attention has been devoted to the development of(More)
We demonstrate a system for automatic image selection for photobook creation, along with an intuitive user interface for fine tuning of the selection results. A versatile image collection representation is introduced, which allows for automatic scalable selection in order to target a specific image count for a predetermined size photobook. The images are(More)
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