Pere Millán

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Community networks have emerged under the mottos of “break the strings that are limiting you”, “don't buy the network, be the network” or “a free net for everyone is possible”. Such networks create a measurable social impact as they provide to the community the right and opportunity of communication. As any other(More)
This paper is to introduce a multistage vision system to detect relevant information for road driving. The system applies fuzzy theory in order to handle less information per image that classical methods use to do. The image processing is based on the fact that the image is splitted up into six horizontal bands and consists of three basic stages: local,(More)
Community networks are an emergent model with mottos like "a free net for everyone is possible" or "don't buy the network, be the network". Their social impact is measurable, as the community is provided with the right and opportunity of communication. The combination of wired and wireless links in these networks, and the unreliable nature of the wireless(More)
This paper deals with the problem of guaranteed distributed estimation under an asynchronous communication scheme. The objective is to estimate the state of a perturbed linear plant using a set of agents which communicate using a common network. The agents have access to a limited set of system outputs affected by bounded noises, so collaboration among them(More)
Several social computing participation strategies, such as crowdsens-ing and crowdsourcing, use mobile ad hoc or opportunistic networks to support the users activities. The unreliability and dynamism of these communication links make routing protocols a key component to achieve efficient and reliable data communication in physical environments. Often these(More)
Many image processing algorithms have a very high execution time if only a processor is used for processing them. Using a SIMD parallel structure for its execution could reduce this time. This is particularly important in the case of algorithms that must be processed in real time. The use of networks of PC is an appealing solution that besides its low cost,(More)
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