Pere Barnola

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This paper presents a new approach for designing a concatenative text-to-speech (TTS) system based on multi-domain unit selection. The method achieves good synthetic quality with reasonable computational cost for a general-purpose TTS system. The architecture of the multi-domain database and the text classification algorithm for domain assignment are the(More)
Hybridization has played an important role in Saxifraga evolution causing reticulation and a high number of described hybrids, but little is known about how hybrid speciation had occurred in the genus. We focus on a group of closely related Saxifraga species of the subsection Triplinervium from Pyrenees, the phylogenetic relationships of which remain(More)
this paper presents an evolution in the design of multi-domain unit selection text-to-speech (MD-TTS) architecture. The goal of this approach is to achieve good synthetic quality like the limited domain TTS systems, without discarding a general purpose synthesis. The multi-domain architecture entails a speech corpus containing several domains. Moreover, it(More)
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