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In this paper two improvements for the Hypervideo platform, used to represent augmented reality on Interactive TVs thanks to the hypervideo concept, are presented: the introduction of a second-screen application to the platform, enabling the user to obtain the additional information on its handheld device and delivering the video track through the broadcast(More)
In this paper, an Augmented Reality system for the Connected TV is presented through a Hypervideo platform implementation. The Hypervideo platform consists of a backoffice to manage audiovisual content and hot-spots, and an interactive video player based in HbbTV technology. The player lets the user get additional information of the points of interest which(More)
In order to have a good representation of deformable objects, is clever to have an adequate model to represent them. Since the origins of computer graphics, a large number of representation models have been presented. Not all of them are adequate to represent deformable objects. The way in which the objects can be handled, allowing local changes in their(More)
In this paper we present an environment for the tracking of a human face obtained from a real video sequence. We will describe the system and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of our approximation. We mainly focus on the situation of the main attributes of the human face (eyes, eyebrows, nose and moth). The tracking algorithm and the ulterior(More)
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