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Using animated visualization tools has been an important teaching approach in computer science education. We have developed three visualization and animation tools that demonstrate various information security concepts and actively engage learners. The information security concepts illustrated include: packet sniffer and related computer network concepts,(More)
This work presents an algorithmic approach to allow for the integrated design of processes and their control systems taking into account the controllability and the stability properties of the resulting system. The application of the proposed method has been carried out taking as an example model an alternative configuration to an Activated Sludge Process(More)
Process Synthesis seeks to develop systematically process flowsheets that convert raw materials into desired products. In recent years, the optimization approach to process synthesis has shown promise in tackling this challenge. It requires the development of a network of interconnected units, the process superstructure, that represents the alternative(More)
In this paper, a neural network PCA method that integrates neural networks (NN) and principal component analysis (PCA) is used to detect faults in a wastewater treatment plant. The neural networks are used to calculate a non-linear and dynamic model of the process in normal operating conditions. PCA is used to generate monitoring charts based on the(More)
In this paper Principal Components Analysis (PCA) is used for detecting faults in a simulated wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). Diagnosis tasks are treated using Fisher discriminant analysis (FDA). Both techniques are multivariate statistical techniques used in multivariate statistical process control (MSPC) and fault detection and isolation (FDI)(More)
This work presents an algorithmic approach to allow for the synthesis and the integrated design of processes considering simultaneously economics and controllability. The method is applied to the synthesis and design of a continuous-stirred-tank-reactor (CSTR) system. For the synthesis. all the design alternatives are coded into a superstructure which(More)
The Personal Software Process (PSP) is a framework for individual software engineers to improve the quality, predictability and productivity of their work. It consists of a family of seven personal processes that progressively introduce data collection and analysis techniques. This paper presents a PSP tool that is integrated into the Eclipse environment.(More)
Computer visualization and animation have been used in computer science education to help students better understand the concepts. This paper presents an animated simulator for packet sniffer and its use in a network security course. The animated packet sniffer simulator was designed to demonstrate graphically the security concept packet sniffer and related(More)
In this paper a general procedure for tuning multivariable model predictive controllers (MPC) with constraints is presented. It has been applied to tune the control system of an activated sludge process control in a wastewater treatment plant. Control system parameters are obtained by solving a mixed sensitivity optimization problem, defined in terms of the(More)