Per Wilhelm

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The wish of many sports scientists and trainers is accessing performance diagnoses data of athletes during training or competition. This data concerns the external conditions (e.g. speed and distance) as well as the internal (physical) strain of the players. For collecting this performance data, we have developed an analysis system, consisting of a high(More)
This paper presents a sport analysis system (SPA – Sport Performance Analyzer), consisting of a high resolution video system together with a wireless sensor network for collecting position data and physiological data of sport players during training or competition. The combination of the two data streams provides a new performance analysis and visualization(More)
This paper presents a video tracking system for tracking players in indoor sports using two high quality digital cameras. The tracking algorithm is based on template matching technique taking into consideration closed world assumptions. The output of the system can be visualized interactively for convenient analysis of player movements. The implementation(More)
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