Per Sandström

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BACKGROUND Covered biliary metal stents have been developed to prevent tumor ingrowth. Previous comparative studies are limited and often include few patients. OBJECTIVE To compare differences in stent patency, patient survival, and complication rates between covered and uncovered nitinol stents in patients with malignant biliary obstruction. DESIGN(More)
Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is strongly linked to obesity and an adipose tissue unresponsive to insulin. The insulin resistance is due to defective insulin signaling, but details remain largely unknown. We examined insulin signaling in adipocytes from T2D patients, and contrary to findings in animal studies, we observed attenuation of insulin activation of(More)
To develop and evaluate a procedure for quantifying the hepatocyte-specific uptake of Gd-BOPTA and Gd-EOB-DTPA using dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) MRI. Ten healthy volunteers were prospectively recruited and 21 patients with suspected hepatobiliary disease were retrospectively evaluated. All subjects were examined with DCE-MRI using 0.025 mmol/kg of(More)
A retrospective study has indicated that stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT) has a value in treating both primary tumors and singular metastatic lesions that cause local symptoms. Here we present the results of a prospective study evaluating the safety and local efficacy of SRT in metastatic or inoperable primary renal cancer. Thirty patients with metastatic(More)
OBJECTIVES Percutaneous cholecystostomy (PC) is an established low-mortality treatment option for elderly and critically ill patients with acute cholecystitis. The primary aim of this review is to find out if there is any evidence in the literature to recommend PC rather than cholecystectomy for acute cholecystitis in the elderly population. METHODS In(More)
Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) receptor signaling is a major functional determinant of cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAF). Elevated expression of PDGF receptors on stromal CAFs is associated with metastasis and poor prognosis, but mechanism(s) that underlie these connections are not understood. Here, we report the identification of the secreted(More)
Since the first report on laparoscopic distal pancreatectomy (LDP) appeared in the 1990s, the procedure has been performed increasingly frequently to treat both benign and malignant lesions of the pancreas. Many earlier publications have shown LDP to be a good alternative to open distal pancreatectomy for benign lesions, although this has never been studied(More)
BACKGROUND During acute pancreatitis (AP), oxidative stress contributes to intestinal barrier failure. We studied actions of multispecies probiotics on barrier dysfunction and oxidative stress in experimental AP. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS Fifty-three male Spraque-Dawley rats were randomly allocated into five groups: 1) controls, non-operated, 2)(More)
BACKGROUND About 2% of patients with a carcinoma in one kidney develop either metastases or a new primary tumor in the contralateral kidney. Often, renal cancers progress rapidly at peripheral sites and a metastasis to the second kidney may not be the patient's main problem. However, when an initial renal cancer is more indolent yet spreads to the formerly(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate bone mineral density (BMD) at different sites in female ice hockey players as well as to study the relationship between BMD, muscle strength, and body composition parameters. The study group consisted of 14 female ice hockey players (age 22.2 +/- 4.3 years) which was compared with 14 inactive females (age 21.5(More)